To help businesses create, develop, and execute human resource and operations strategies that transform their organizational health, stealth and wealth.

To assist individuals in crafting, building and executing personal brand and development strategies that position them as top talent resulting in their successful career actualization.


BizOpt Consulting is a dynamic, proactive, innovative consulting company with experienced human resources and operations professionals committed to providing exceptional, personalized services to individuals and small – medium sized (SME) businesses to transform their health, stealth and wealth.
Led by a mother and daughter team with over 40 years of combined experience in the fields of education, human resource management, psychology, business optimization, leadership management, project management and coaching, we will leverage our knowledge, skills and expertise to drive continuous improvement and optimize your personal and business success in a diverse global market.Our unique, proactive and comprehensive approach to problem solving and strategizing will enhance your competitive advantage.
We strive to consistently provide and deliver best in class service to our Clients by anticipating needs and providing a full service solution. We are aware of the constant shift in demands and requirements in the local and international market place and so will endeavor to deliver accurate, thorough and reliable information and advice to support informed business decision making.
Operating in a global market place, BizOpt Consulting recognizes diversity in cultures, beliefs, values and customs and pledge to respect all without bias.
We look forward to continuing to build relationships and satisfy all clients as we create, redesign and refine practices, policies and procedures to transform client health, stealth and wealth.



We've got the skills

All the skills needed to help you optimize your business processes.

Human Resources 90 % Optimizing...
Operations 60 % Optimizing...
Coaching 70 % Optimizing...
Training & Development 76 % Optimizing...
We take the time to understand each client’s unique requirements and draft personalized solutions that enhance performance
Our multi-disciplinary approach leveraging our depth and breadth of experience
Our global multi-industry expertise with industry leading practices and procedure
Exceptional customer service and unrelenting commitment to optimizing every area of your operations


Meet the team that will help you get optimized

Altheia Simmonds

Co-founder | Principal Consultant | Chief Training and Development Officer

Aldeen Simmonds-Thorpe

Co-founder | Chief Executive Officer | Chief Human Resources Officer

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